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Fashion trends for men's outerwear (spring 2019 season)

Fashion does not stand still, intriguing us from season to season. We are closely following the development trends of men's wardrobe and we can confidently highlight the most relevant ideas for the spring season.

Modern man - modern fabrics.

Technologies are evolving, and today fabric manufacturers have something to offer besides flax and cotton. High-tech fabrics for outerwear, which do not burn in the fire, do not sink in water and are not rubbed in copper pipes. For several seasons we have chosen just such for sewing products, and spring men's jackets from Riccardo are not only stylish, but also durable.

2. Sleeveless - no hesitation.

If you have already been thinking for a few seasons that it would be nice to get this element of your wardrobe, then there is simply no place to put it off - in the spring of 2019 a men's tank top will be at the peak of popularity. Interestingly, stylists propose to combine this traditionally sports version of outerwear not only with casual jeans / sweatshirts, but also with a business and even classic outfit. Why not try?

3. Details decide everything!

And the bright details decide even a little more. Yellow, orange, lime, red - it's time to stop wary of colored clothes. Need to take and carry it. Time is quiet and modest irrevocably gone - the modern man is ambitious, energetic, active. Prejudice and stereotypes are alien to him. Bright clothes or bright elements - one of the ways to express yourself and stand out.

The average man’s wardrobe already consists of things of practical colors for 90 percent - avoid routine and boredom!

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