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Men's windbreaker

Our favorite joke about spring weather tells how two people met on the same street: one in a winter down jacket wide open, because it is hot, and the second - in a knitted sweater, trembling and buttoned at the very neck, because it is somehow cold.

In which of the two did you recognize yourself? In order to avoid such blunders with outerwear, from the middle of the 20th century, mankind has a windbreaker. The first windbreakers appeared in the wardrobe of sailors, and this is quite natural - after all, such jackets from canvas were designed to protect from wind, water and too active sun.

Later, with the light hand of the legendary Coco Chanel, windbreakers moved into the everyday wardrobe of the French aristocrats, among whom at that time the fashion for “seasonal holiday” in nature was gaining momentum.

The peak of popularity of windbreakers came nevertheless in the 90s: monophonic and colored, with pockets and without, elongated and shortened and, of course, not from canvas, but from nylon and Dacron - these light jackets quickly entered the men's wardrobe.

Today, when the trends of the 90s are more relevant than in the 90s, men's windbreakers are a must have.

In the new spring collection Riccardo, we presented several new bright and at the same time sustained windbreaker models. Choose your ideal option here in the section "demi-season".

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