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The history of the bomber

With the onset of spring, the relevance of bombers is again at its peak - they are becoming the most popular type of men's outerwear. Now it’s hard to believe that initially these jackets were flying: the first bomber jacket appeared in 1955 by order of the US air force and was called a flight jacket. In the 20s and 30s of the 20th century, the first forerunners of the bombers were already, but these jackets got into the everyday wardrobe on the wave of the popularity of the flight jacket.
In the 80s, bombers became the hallmark of representatives of some subcultures: anarchists, football fans, rockers. Many famous people became a kind of unofficial ambassadors of this model - for example, Clint Eastwood began to appear frequently in bombers, than he popularized the jacket even more.
Today, a bomber jacket has already become a classic - in the wardrobe of almost every man there is such a jacket, because it is difficult to find a more versatile version of outerwear.
If you still have not found your ideal option, then we will be happy to help you choose one of our bombers.

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