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How to choose the size of men's jackets

Internet sales are gaining momentum more and more, but for many, the process of choosing the size of clothes still remains difficult. In this article we will tell you about how to make measurements as accurately as possible so that the clothes you buy through the Internet sit perfectly.
There are several ways and parameters that sellers usually focus on:
1. The weight and height of a person - these data are the basis of some dimensional grids.
2. The most accurate way is to make measurements:
- width over the shoulders;
- chest girth;
- back length;
- sleeve length from shoulder seam to cuff.
As you can see, everything is quite simple: you just need to have a sewing centimeter on hand. Measurements can be taken either for a jacket that sits on you well, or directly from a person.
If you have any difficulties or questions about how to choose a men's jacket, we are always ready to help you.

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